Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Visit to the Library

About halfway through the summer, Kay and I made a journey to the Free Library to address a small problem with her installation, Lost and Found. One of the pieces had become detached from the wall and needed to be reattached, so we biked down to the library together to accomplish the task. Kay is a cyclist after my own heart - she is very fast and does not regard red lights if the coast is clear. When we arrived at the library, the staff helped Kay mount a ladder so that she could remove the piece until it could be placed back in its spot. Here is a picture of her in the process,

After we successfully removed the fallen furniture, Kay chatted with the cashier at Home Page Cafe, the library's small eatery over which the installation hangs. The cashier was one of Kay's interviewees for the project, and was imploring her to come to a barbecue/block party for 4th of July at her Philadelphia home. It was interesting to observe just one of the many friendships that her creative practice has produced. 

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