Sunday, August 9, 2015

Screen Printing

Before working with Kay Healy, I had some commercial and artistic screen printing experience. I worked for my uncle for several years, who runs a screen printing business out of his backyard shed and makes t-shirts and other team merchandise for local sports teams. I have also taken Marisha Simons' screen printing studio at UArts, where I was able to hone and nuance my printing and ink-mixing, and streamline my own screen printing practice.

Working with Kay has expanded my knowledge of the screen printing process. She taught me to properly flood (it seems I've been doing it wrong for years) to avoid ink drying in the screen, to print a repeat pattern on fabric, and to coat screens economically by only coating one side. Here's an image I printed the other day,

 and one of Kay's screens, burned with image for the silver layer of this print. 

This two layer print was on cotton muslin, which when dry, was pillow sewn and stuffed. Here is one of the tools in its final form. 

Here is an image of one of Kay's many Wagner CDs, with (coincidentally) a screen printed image of Wagner on the cover

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