Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Vase

The Vase was my very first assignment from Kay. The object is based on a vase from her childhood home on Staten Island, and is featured in Lost and Found. The vase invokes for her, vivid memories from her childhood - it was a visual staple from the waterside house where she grew up. The vase was broken and consequently shattered into many little pieces. Like the home that was sold when she moved away to go to college, it was essentially "lost".

It was one of the hottest weeks of the Spring when I began in May, a clear warning of the sweltering months to come. Kay taught me on the first day how to pillow sew, and I began turning inside out, stuffing, and sealing these little vase "shards",

The shards, in order to hang on the wall, must be ribboned. I hand stuffed and sewed closed each little piece, some smaller than a fingernail, with a little ribbon affixed to the back. Kay gave me a bag of stuffing and a bag of shards and some needle and thread to work on the piece at home. Incidentally, my power went out the following morning from the heat, and I sewed and stuffed each piece by candlelight.

When all the pieces were stuffed and puzzled together to form the vase, it looked something like this, 

The Vase has been an ongoing project, stretching across this whole summer, as Kay is still figuring on how to display it. Since the tedious process of puzzling each little piece together demands so much time and effort, the requirement of a more permanent mounting system prevents it from hanging directly on the wall. I am interested to see it fully realized, when it hangs for her upcoming show in Tokyo. 

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