Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hi All!

My name is Ashley Hui and I'm currently a junior, studying in the field of Industrial Design. I am passionate about everything that is design-- the aesthetics, the technical aspects-- you name it. As we tend to say that 'everything is design', I feel this holds particularly true throughout my own life. Absolutely, I am a hand-on type of person and worker. There are few things I can keep my hands off of from fiddling with and seeing how they function.

I feel extremely privileged for the opportunity to be working with my alum-host, Machele Nettles. After having met with her over coffee, I had the chance to ask her many questions and get a grasp of exactly what she does-- and she certainly does a lot! She is an incredibly talented industrial designer who is both the creative director and owner of Talk Design Studio. She is experienced in the process of taking her concepts, and turning them into real products to be sold on the market. With my interest in product design and entrepreneurship increasing by the day, I am very excited at the prospect of learning from Machele.

This summer, Machele is focusing on a proposal for a concept of hers which I will be able to follow the process of. She is also a strong advocate of experimentation; we will be experimenting with many different materials with expected variable results, some which we hope may lead to being happy surprises! Machele is also currently in the process of starting a jewelry line, and I will have the opportunity to walk through this process with her, even assisting her in contacting local and overseas sources. In addition to this, there will also be some aspects of marketing involved. I am very excited for this summer, and I hope everyone enjoys their summer as well!

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