Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summary of 7/20 - 8/23

    The next time I came in I got to work with putting the paper on the sticks. Michele showed me her favorite glue that she likes to use for this kind of stuff and how to apply the paper without getting any of the glue on the nice side of the paper. I had freedom to choose which papers I used on the sticks and how I wanted to place them. All I had to do was just make a variety of them. I really enjoyed spending a few days choosing and gluing the pieces of paper down. Not that its mindless work, but it’s a kind of work where I can easily find a rhythm and work pretty quickly. I also find it very soothing.

   I spent time one day organizing Michele’s supply shelf and her desk. She had grabbed a little cubby shelving system out of the hallway that someone was going to throw away. So I tidied up her desk by throwing out a lot of trash, organizing the papers, and putting materials back in their place. Then using the new cubby system, I was able to condense a lot of the items that she had on her supply shelf, like nails, pins, screws, tapes and glues could now have their own little space.

   The day that we had to drop off the pieces for Drexel University we had to wrap up her large painting that she did before we starting to take everything down to the car. First we wrapped the painting in a heavy duty plastic and taped that up. Next we slid it into a large cardboard boxed and taped the outside really well to hold it all in place. After everything was wrapped and ready to go, we started to load the stuff into the large elevator and brought everything down to the minivan. She had to rent a van to fit the large painting in.  When we got to the University I got to meet the people who hired Michele to make these pieces. They had a few other people there to help us carry all the pieces in. They were very pleased with the finished pieces and they already had a team set up there that were to install the pieces so we didn’t even have to do that! Michele had already taken a photo of the wooden board piece all laid out and numbered for them so all they had to do was follow the photo that we gave them.

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