Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summary of 6/28 - 7/19

   Now that the prepping and repainting of the wood planks are finished, it's time to wrap them well so we can store them away until it’s time to take them to Drexel to install them! Michele showed me how to warp each piece in a heavy duty plastic and tape them well so that they stay protected and clean. Once they were all packed well, we stacked them in the corner of her studio to keep them out of the way.

   Since that big project was completed, it was time to move onto the next big project! Michele had decided in the beginning of the summer that she wanted to re use these paint sticks that she had used in a previous installation to create a new installation and concept. She decided that she wants to hang them on the wall and make a cascading waterfall out of the paint sticks. The paint sticks are dipped in various shades of blues and green in various different depths. A lot of them also have different kinds and patterns of fine art papers glued on them. They are really beautiful objects just on their own. But once you see the mass amounts that she has, its pretty impressive. You definitely get the sense of a cascading or tumbling waterfall of wooden paint sticks.
    So in order to hang them on the wall the way she wanted to, we had to drill holes in all the paint sticks that she wanted to include. She decided to just use the ones that have both paint and paper on them, because they were indeed the most beautiful. Once we figured out how to change the drill bit that was in the drill, she picked a plain paint stick and drilled a hole in the exact spot that she wanted the holes to be on all the sticks and I was to use that one as a guide for the rest. So I spent a few days drilling holes in all the paint sticks that she wanted. She also had a lot of sticks that were only dipped in paint that she wanted me to cover in pieces of paper once I ran out of the already made sticks to drill. But before I could start making the new sticks with the paper, I had to organize the two containers that had the pieces of paper in them. One of her previous interns had cut all the papers into different widths so all I had to do was tidy them up and make piles of the ones that were the same. 

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