Monday, June 8, 2015

Meeting Michele

     Hello! My name is Amber Gaul; I am a rising Junior Printmaking major here at the University of the Arts. The artist that I am working with this summer is Michele Kishita, a studio painter that works here in Philadelphia. This summer we will be preparing for the many shows and events that Michele is going to be in, including a solo show and a two person show happening in the fall. I will be learning how to prep surfaces for her to paint on, managing finances and expenses, what it’s like working with galleries and customers, packing and transporting artwork to a show, and how to social network and promote yourself as a serious artist successfully. She will also help me with writing artist statements, finding shows and opportunities for myself to submit to. 
    When I first meet Michele, I was a little intimidated. I could tell right away that this woman was a force to be reckoned with. I could tell that she was very particular about things and that she knew exactly what she wanted to get done and how to get those things done. I wasn’t intimidated by her in the sense that I was scared of her, more so in the way that I wanted to live up to her standards. I enjoy challenges and being challenged as a person and an artist so I was very excited and ready for this opportunity. So far we have been preparing and organizing her studio to get it ready for a summers worth of work to be done. I have already learned a lot from Michele and I’m really excited to see what else she can teach me! 

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