Saturday, June 6, 2015

Skyler's Introduction

Hi Everyone!
My name is Skyler Bradford. I'll be going into my junior year at UArts this fall in the Craft & Material Studies program. My focuses are currently between Jewelry Metalsmith & Woodworking. I am hoping that through my involvement with the Summer Fellow's program, I'll be able to narrow down my interests. For the summer, I will be interning with jeweler, Monika Krol. She graduated from UArts about 8 years ago and since then has worked under many successful artist such as Gabriella Kiss & Lola Brooks. Just recently she has opened her own fine jewelry store in the suburbs of Harrisburg and that is where I'll be working with her! I am really excited to soak up all I can and learn! I'll be working with her for 5 weeks, two consecutive days each week. My plan is to tell everyone about a positive moment from each week, along with something I have learned about jewelry or maybe some that has changed my perspective. I also have an instagram that I'm sure I'll be posting on if anyone is interested in following me: @skylerbradford. Thanks!

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