Monday, July 20, 2015

Applying Learned Skills To My Internship

For the first few days of my summer fellows internship, we jumped straight into making CAD models. Machele needed cases to cover the edges of her jewelry as to prevent chipping. She had several concepts in mind and my first task was to transfer them onto CAD drawings. This took several days and a couple attempts at troubleshooting. What I've learned through this was especially that if something doesn't work, try it a different way. There are always more than one ways to do things. One might take longer than the other but as long as it gets done and you figure out the easy way eventually, it's all okay!

I am so, so glad I was able to pick up 3D modeling during my first year of ID. Since I'm still new to the process of making 3D models it was both a challenge and a learning process, but I did learn a lot!

We went with Shapesways to get these cases prototyped and 3D-printed. The first batch went very well and only needed minor adjustments to the inner dimensions. It's such an awesome feeling to look at something that you made digitally and then finally be able to hold a physical model of it in your hands! Not to mention that it's even more thrilling when it all works out and isn't a flop. 

Here's an Instagram pic Machele took!!

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