Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summary of 6/13, 6/18, 6/22, 6/25, 6/26, 6/27

Saturday, June 13th.

    Michele has been having some problems with an order she made with a major art supply company here in Philly this past week. She picked up the order today and when I came in today I found that there were still more problems. They didn’t package the wood panels that she ordered professionally or even safely, so now she has to send them back. That’s something I have to look forward to as a working artist..whoo.. BUT the other panels that she ordered came as well and they were in fine condition so I got to learn how to stain them. I stained half of them and then Gacced them all as well as sanded them all.

Thursday, June 18th.

Today when I came in I finished up the remaining coats of Gauc on the small wood panels. Once they were finished, Michele taught me how to tape up the edges and the back the way she likes them. The tape protects the edges and the back of the panels, keeping them clean and fresh from paint.

After I finished taping up the edges of all 13 of the wood panels, Michele had me start on another project. I was to stain this previous wood piece that she had made. So I used an eraser to clean up any scuffmarks on the wood, taped up the ones that had stripes of paint and paper and got to work staining! I didn’t get through all the pieces of wood and the task took the rest of the day.

Monday, June 22.

Staining, staining and more staining! Today was spent staining as much of the wood pieces from Michele’s piece as possible. I ran out of stain towards the end of the day so I spent the remaining half hour cleaning up and cleaning out her brushes.

Thursday, June 25th.

Today Michele picked me up form my apartment so we could swing by Lowes to pick up some things that we needed like stain, brown paper, tape, and some paint. Michele also got come keys made for me to get into the studio by myself because tomorrow she wasn’t going to be able to get into the studio until later. After that we headed over to the studio. I continued staining the wood pieces for this installation.

Friday, June 26th

Today I had to come in earlier by myself so I got right to work finishing up the last wood pieces that needed to be stain. After I finished that, I got a start on the work that needed to be done for another installation she is doing using paints sticks. So I had to sort through the bins of them and separate the different kind of paint sticks into piles. That work ended up taking the rest of the day.

Saturday, June 27th

When I came in today I spent the majority of the time finishing sorting through the paint sticks and then packing them back into the appropriate bins. After I finish all that, I pulled the tape off the wood pieces that I have been spending the last few weeks staining to see how they all came out. I also started to Gauc a new wood panel Michele had gotten as well as a few of the wood pieces for the installation. We aren’t sure how the Gauc will look on the wood piece so we only did a few to see how it takes to the stained wood pieces.


  1. I really appreciate all the pictures you incorporated into your blog! It is very cool to see the progression of these beautiful pieces. I also love that your alumni-host is teaching you new skills! As a woodworker, I love working with new stains and finishes so I'd imagine it was fun for you to be given this new skill. Very cool!

    1. Thanks Skyler! A lot of the photos of me working are taken by Michele! Which is really helpful of her. I am really excited about learning how to stain and finish wood. I imagine that I will be putting these new learned skills to use very soon in this upcoming semester!

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