Friday, July 24, 2015

Learning How to Make Paint

Ryan introduced me to the process of making oil paint. 
I have been very eager to learn how because its not something 
they teach in school anymore. The benefit of making your own 
is that you can make it to your exact preference. It also is a lot 
cheaper especially if you want to use colors that are out of the 
ordinary and extremely pricey to buy pre made like metallic 
and neon oil paints. 

It tests my patience, 

it takes a long time to grind the dry pigment into the binder and
is VERY messy, but learning the elements the different colors 
means I can make all types of paint: 
acrylic, watercolor, vinyl, oil sticks.....
learning the different qualities of the mediums that pigment 
binds to allows the opportunity to create hybrids of mediums. 


  1. Ok Haley, I'm officially jealous! This is a really useful thing to know as a fine artist! Did you make any paint of your own to take with you?

  2. This is cool, DIY stuff are always awesome since they're so much cheaper. You should definitely try some weird experimentations out in the future if you haven't!