Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Contact Lists + Playing with cardboard

In between projects I would sometimes compile a contacts list. The crazy thing is that some people would pay good money for a good contacts list. After looking at one that was sent to us, I understand why. 41 pages of pure businesses! These are people you can reach out to when you want to network or sell your products to. And these lists keep (almost) forever. I think the huge list I was looking at was made several years back and it's interesting enough to see how some websites are dead, living, stuck in 2013, or doing VERY successfully. You can make your list from other resources as well. Resources can be Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. To compile our own contacts list, I got to venture onto Instagram, where it is super easy to target a specific audience and check out a bunch of websites. Lots of neat competitive markets! What's more interesting is when you run into alumni work! It's almost like a rabbit hole.

Asides from putting together lists, I also worked to prototype something for one of Machele's product. Her product is a shelf. When displaying it for sale, books sit in it but people often mistake the books to be for sale instead of the shelf. Using post-its, paper, cardboard, and other scrap, we came up with quick prototypes of a paper replica that could sit in the shelf and be shipped along with the shelf's packaging. We didn't get to finish this small project though because.. the 3D prints for the jewelry line came from Shapeways! Going through a process was our biggest priority so we soon went back to work on the jewelry line.

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