Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Local Vs. Overseas

So after the cases I 3D modeled came back from Shapeways, Machele and I moved on to contacting potential manufacturers! It was decided that we'd go with machine milled for one case and precision stamped for another. With that in mind, I looked at manufacturers both locally and overseas that would be able to do one or the other.

Locally, I found this to be di-fi-cult. Googling for it isn't exactly the most convenient thing ever and when you do find someone, their requirements are usually not obtainable for you (15k pieces minimum?! We only want 150-200 pieces......) Doing it overseas though was so much more ridiculously easier. I used Alibaba to search for manufacturers and so many popped up and it was all in one place. No having to navigate through websites and hunt through links to figure stuff out. This experience completely changed how I viewed the process of taking an idea you have and then finding someone to make it. The people overseas are friendly and willing to try your idea out. Despite a slight language barrier, communication with them was simple. They were also fast. Send an email to them and you can expect one back by night or the next morning which isn't always the case locally.

We found a handful of people that wanted to work with us and received quotes from them after a few days of communication where both parties asked questions and technical drawings/CAD files were given.

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