Friday, July 31, 2015

Last Day: Corzo Presentations & Entrepreneurship

Yesterday was my last day of internship and Machele was invited to attend the presentations of the selected few from the Corzo Entrepreneur bootcamp so I got to tag along! The bootcamp is a 5 week long course with only six accepted applicants. At the end of the run, the applicants present their idea/product for a chance to be given $10,000 that they can use to go forward with their idea.

Sitting in and listening to the presenters was such a wonderful opportunity. At times I felt like it was Shark Tank. I definitely wanted to watch the shows after I got home. The applicants had 4-5 minutes to present and was followed with 5 minutes of Q&A's from judges. It was helpful to learn from their presentations, like what should and shouldn't be done or how critical the judges could be. 

We had to leave before judges could come back with their decision on who they would award the ten grand to (if anyone at all, there was always that option.) On the drive back, Machele and I talked about what we haven't touched on regarding entrepreneurship, the difficulties of it, what would've helped starting up, etc. I think I decided then and there that I wanted to apply for the Corzo bootcamp myself, so I think that will be what I'll do next summer! I just have to come up with a great idea. But I'm pretty confident that with what I've learned from the ID program and from Machele, it will be no problem to get in.

Thanks for following me on my internship.


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