Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Calling for donations

With the schools budget challenge,  I thought of using palates to facilitate the project. This resource of material is usually free. I looked for a source that would have a large amount  of products. My first source of course the use of the internet. Searching for places with free palates in the local area, such as Walmart or Super Fresh. They could not assist because they rent there palates and not own them. I called a lot of places. I called a vitiable source my teacher Mr. Tony. His information allowed me to find several restaurants and bars that would give us the palates for the use of the projects. I made a great  contact with a company in Philadelphia called,  Palates Plus, that agreed to give us BRAND NEW palates for  the project. We used this source Palates Plus and was very happy to receive the brand new donations. This donations was very crucial to the project, without the  palates we would not have been able to move forward in making the lounge area on its way to success. 

Tito F. Williams II

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