Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Skyler's Week #5

My last week with Monika was the most exciting week for me through out this entire experience. While she and her husband went on vacation, she asked me to make a necklace for her store. She wanted to help keep me busy while giving me the experience of making a commission.
She was interested in me making a tapered chain necklace that I had made in silver. We discussed a design & the different guages I could use and I was ready to get started. I was really excited for this awesome opportunity.
So for two weeks in July while Monika was on vacation, I spent every day in the Metals studio at UArts working on the necklace. I wanted it to be perfect so I spent a lot of time putting care into the necklace.
On my last week with Monika, I presented her the necklace and she loved it! I was worried she would find mistakes or point out imperfections but she had nothing but positive things to say. I was really proud of myself.
It was so awesome to finish the necklace in her store and to see it on display with all the other artists that had inspired me through out the summer with their work. I felt very honored.
I also had to price out the necklace with Monika and that was a very daunting task. We figured with the price of materials, and the number of hours I put into the necklace, it would be priced at least over $1000. I was so excited to know that my work was valued at that price.
I then helped Monika take pictures of the necklace to post to the store's facebook and to add it to their website. I was really excited to see my work looking official on a website with all these other talented artists. It's very surreal to me. I have always been making things, doing art projects, but I've never been motivated to sell my work.
Monika and I discussed plans for the future and she is open to me having more items to sell in the store. I am so beyond happy with my experience at Meeka Fine Jewelry. I learned so much and I made an awesome connection with Monika. I am so excited about jewelry and what lies ahead for me!

Also here is a link to my finished necklace:


  1. Your necklace is extremely gorgeous! I love the striking simplicity and it's ability to dressed up or dressed down! If I had the money I would totally buy it haha. You should be very proud! Do you have a website where I could see some of your other work?

  2. It sounds like you sincerely enjoyed and valued your experience with Monika this summer! It's exciting to get to see a little glimpse into what you've learned to do and what you can accomplish with those skills!