Wednesday, August 5, 2015


YesPhilly , is a non profit alternative high school and GED program. The students of YesPhilly face a number of life challenges. High school students experiencing behavior issues, pregnancy, and students who have fallen academically behind are among some of the reasons students flock to this much needed organization.  Based in north Philadelphia YesPhilly addresses a number of issues the surrounding community of Girard and Broad Street. 

Yesphilly addresses issues of poverty, job security, teen pregnancy, and minority inequality.  By providing free lunch and late evening meals, YesPhilly provides food for students who in many cases have limited food at home.  With many of the north Philadelphia population in need of accessing public assistance, the meals given insure student have a meal to eat everyday.  YesPhilly helps its students find jobs. These jobs are critical for students, they allow students to build job history and make their own money as a start to supporting themselves.  Resources for new and or young mothers are posted through the facilities of YesPhilly.  This fellowship was very promising with meeting Ms. Jeannine Cook who was my project supervisor  and the other staff members. Ms. Cook,who is the Media / Arts Coordinator ,brings different types of projects to help establish the students.  The program INC, which was facilitated by Ms. Cook , with the  focus of helping  students  to better use their time after school and to show them things. 

With all roles in place I and the other staff are excited about the new partnership to begin. 

Tito F. Williams II

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