Sunday, August 30, 2015

Step 1- Organize

In this internship, I found myself working on a wide variety of tasks which varied from menial in labor or thought to ones that required a broad range of creative solutions and critical thinking to complete. Organization was the name of the game for the entirety of the internship, but especially for the first few days. We spent those days getting Greg's workspace in order so he was able to work and progress and so I became aquatinted to this new environment. Seeing the benefits of having this organized space made the process of our work a lot easier. Organizing spanned from just getting his space in order to working on sorting his flat files, taking inventory of his prints for his online store and eventually updating that store, and collecting names and numbers of schools for his upcoming visits. After getting everything sorted, then we began work on things for upcoming events such as the book store show for Greg's book Tricky Vic in Narberth, PA and a show with Philly Independents in Old City. I've helped review proofs of an upcoming book of Greg's, which gave me an insight on the children's book production process, I prepped textures digitally for Greg's future use, as well as preparing screens and inks for prints that we worked on together, without getting our ducks in a row before hand however, nothing would have been able to be completed in the fast span we accomplished everything.

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