Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pins, Mr T, and Promotion

I love pins. I love getting pins, finding pins, trading pins... I hate losing a pin, especially when it's a really good pin, like a pin of Mr T. throwing up a thumbs up or Godzilla spitting fire. I've known the joy of owning these pins, and the despair of losing them... but now... I CAN MAKE PINS. Greg taught me how to use a pin maker and had me make him pins for promotion for his book, Tricky Vic. I designed the layout of the pin using Greg's imagery and direction, printed them, and turned the design into a bunch of pins.

I made about 70 of these buttons so I got pretty good at making pins in just one afternoon. With this new skill, I got to make some of my own pins with my art on them which Greg has encouraged me to try and sell or use for my own self promotion! 

We've talked a lot about ways to promote yourself through merchandise, social media, and postcards and how important it really is to get people to see your work. No one's going to hire you if they don't know you exist, so make something and throw it in everyone's face! 

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