Wednesday, August 5, 2015

DIY research

After brainstorming because of the budget, I thought of Palates to make most of the furniture because this source of material is normally free.   The palates would allow us to make a sofa, love seat , two individual seating and two coffee tables. The palates would also be able to make legs for 10 bar stools. 

Keeping the students in mind who had no experience with building furniture and the use of power tools that would make the job easier. I looked for only easy DIY furniture with little use of machinery and power tools. I was able to find the perfect  solution. Concrete stools, with making my own modification to fit the schools budget, The concrete  cost $3.98 and choosing palates which were free instead of the  the 2 by 2 wooden stock poles. 

Tito F. Williams II

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