Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Design Challenges 

 My first meeting with Ms. Cook  was very informative. She asked a lot of questions about my experiences in Industrial design and my life goals while attending University of the Arts. After elaborating on my focus on furniture design and building communities on social design, she felt we would  have a great partnership.  She then talked about the biggest challenge at the school which is finding furniture for the new student lounge that was to under go renovations which would include student participation.  She spoke about what was needed for the lounge , student seating, more reading and home work space and a place to hang out. Ms. Cook , I believe had had full confidence of what plan I would brainstorm and present to her . The lounge  renovation budget was   $30.00 or less. This  budget was not surprising , but I knew I could find a project that would be socially functional  and beautifully done to deliver the outcome that would allow the students to participate and feel pride in themselves.

Tito F. Williams II

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