Monday, August 3, 2015

Greg Pizzoli: A+ Human

Since the summer began, I've had the amazing opportunity to work along side Greg Pizzoli. Greg is an illustrator, author, and printmaker based in Philadelphia. His background in illustration varies from having screen printed punk posters, to now writing and illustrating children's books and having them published by companies such as Viking and Disney-Hyperion. Greg is in a position in his career that I myself desire to be in someday, and working with him has given me more experience and confidence to move on into a career in illustration. Other than being extremely talented and accomplished, above all else, Greg is an A+ human being. He's a great mentor and motivator to have while I'm trying to figure out my own path as an illustrator. His extensive knowledge of the illustration world grouped with his approachable demeanor has made this experience one that has and will have a great influence on my thinking. Greg is an artist and person I truly respect and admire, and being able to assist him with work that I see the value of and ultimately believe in has made this program something I'm proud to be a part of. Spending time with him and his wife, Kay Healy (who is awesome), in their shared studio as they both work and make incredible things while maintaining mental and financial stability, makes the future seem a tad less horrifying. I'll be upset when this internship is over, but I'll be comforted to know that I'm leaving with a more informed knowledge of the world I want to be a part of, the confidence and skills to make more of my own work, and a connection with an person who will continue to have a great impact on my life and career as an illustrator.

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  1. He is indeed A+, a very funny and sincere individual. One of my favorite Greg moments was when he answered the phone as "Mort", to ward off pesky telemarketers.