Friday, August 14, 2015

Long Ago: In a Distant Land: There Was a Boy

Stoooorrrrryyyy TIIIMMMMEEE!!!!!

There once was a 14 year old autistic boy that loved to laugh, loved to have fun, and loved to converse. He spent his days making jokes and flitting around from activity to activity. Theater this hour, clay the next. A majestic showman of many talents. This boy was a warrior! Fighting his was through life with kindness and connections he vanquished the never-ending darkness. An aura of white light beamed as he maneuvered excitedly around a room—a young sprite of greatness! This young lad, as powerful as he was, always traveled with his female aid for he knew all could not be faced alone. Giving him strength, confidence, and support his aid was his rock. But the dark day came when he had to begin a journey that was only meant for . He was to venture down a path that he must walk alone. He was to journey to THE HOUSE OF CLAY! Entangled by enchanted vines and webs of yester-years-past, the structure struck him as a place of evil. He arrived at the entrance to the lair and knocked 3 times, unsure of what he would find. The door slowly crept open squeaking like a rat being boiled alive. He cringed as he tentatively stepped through the threshold. Peaking his head in first, he could see nothing but smoke. Oh but it wasn't smoke, it was dust, clay dust! FLIES FLEW THROUGH THE OPENING SWARMING AROUND HIS HEAD FILLING HIS EARS WITH THE BUZZES OF HELL! Suddenly 2 fairies flew through the puffs of dust and flies, their wings clearing the room. The boy yelped and screamed with terror for he had no idea what was happening. These fairies seemed nice, well at least they didn’t attack him…yet. Finally hunkering down the fairies put on guppy smiles and say, “Hello! Welcome to”, they pause and stare at each other for a moment. They then lower their heads, bared their teeth, and roll their eyes back, “THE HOUSE OF CLAY!” They grabbed the boy and sat him down in a chair furthest from the door. One stood guard while the other began the torture. The fairy slammed a large mass in a bag on to the table in front of him, dust began to rise. “Open it!” she demanded. The boy, too terrified, sat without moving. She shot a glance toward the fairy at the door and he began to slowly walk over with fire burning in his eyes. Quickly the boy unraveled the mass “HA!”, she yelled, and forced his hands deep inside of it. Suddenly the world changed right before the young boy’s eyes. Flashes of blue and white light swirled around the room and all the cleared. The webs were gone. The scary fairies were gone. The bugs had flown out of the door. In walked two normal assistants, only a few years older than himself, and they began to make wonders out of the yucky mush that he realized his hands were still in. “Yuck!”, they all exclaimed with a laugh! And they created happily ever after. 

An Explanation is coming haha,

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